Digital Infrastructure Advisory Services & Solutions


As the global economy integrates new technologies, businesses must constantly adapt or be left behind.  With the advent of artificial intelligence this requirement of all businesses has become more acute.

In this dynamic operating environment, businesses face unprecedented uncertainty paired with unprecedented opportunity for innovation.

However the expertise required for digital infrastructure transformation and innovation are complex and nuanced, and rarely are they in-house.

United Integrity Advisors (UIA) was formed to assemble comprehensive and complementary skill sets across digital infrastructure, energy, IT and financial services to help underwrite, optimize, and implement digital infrastructure opportunities.

UIA offers advisory services to owners, investors, operators and consumers of digital infrastructure assets.

We are made up of CEOs, CTOs, Founders, Network architects and building owners with a combined 200+ years experience in digital infrastructure, telecommunications and finance.


  • Independent director roles for multiple private equity backed companies.
  • Data center consultant to global telecom real asset acquisition and management platform.
  • Primary operator of meet-me-rooms in interconnection data centers aggregating several hundred cross connects.
  • Developed comprehensive investment thesis for private capital investments in digital infrastructure.
  • Re-organized global asset manager portco’s subsidiary to bring in-house all fiber optic engineering, maintenance and operating capabilities, and rationalized operating team resulting in 60% reduction in monthly operating expense.
  • Developer of approximately 6,500 acres of industrial land on the Columbia River in Goldendale, WA. Current projects under development on the land include a 1.2GW pumped hydro energy storage facility and hyperscale data center campus.
  • Physical Fiber network diligence, initial network design and implementation of operational protocols.
  • Building, automating and operating internet exchanges
  • Rebuilding logical networks with standardization and automation leveraging proprietary algorithms for financial and specialized network customers
  • Identify efficiencies in Cloud contracts
  • Underwrite digital infrastructure risk for acquisition targets
  • Led product team in building a hybrid cloud management & orchestration SaaS platform for AWS & Private clouds workloads,backups-as-a-service,disaster-recovery-as-a-service, and network-as-a-service.
  • Built Observr, the first Ransomware detection and prevention platform focused on backup infrastructure utilizing AI/ML to detect the presence of suspicious activity and automatically air-gap offsite backups and disaster recovery infrastructure in response to threats with SIEM & MDR platform integrations.



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